Pardon Our Dust

As we breathe new life into the legendary New Orleans Board of Trade, we embrace the spirit of progress while honoring the rich heritage that defines us. We are thrilled to announce an extensive renovation and rebranding effort that will ensure this iconic venue stands tall for generations to come. Our vision is rooted in restoring and enhancing the very essence that has made this space a beloved part of New Orleans' story. From the exquisite outdoor areas to the magnificent ballroom, every corner is receiving the attention it deserves, with the goal of preserving its original charm and timeless elegance. Thank you for your patience and support as we work diligently to create a future that honors our past.

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As our venue undergoes its exciting journey of construction and restoration, site walkthroughs are currently unavailable. While we are not accepting bookings at this time, we are eagerly looking forward to the grand reveal of our space. By filling out the contact form below, you become part of a special group of guests who will be the first to be contacted when our walkthroughs become available and bookings open.

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